Springboard Road Show Foundation


Selom Apanya

CoRe must be replicated in our schools.  “I wish there could be a way this programme could be made more permanent…” These are the words of Selom as he considers how impactful the CoRe Programme has been to him and others amid a major disruption in work and career pursuits. I am Selom Apanya, Lead […]

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Kweku Buah

New perspectives for greater impact.  As a manager of a football club and a market survey associate, Kweku’s livelihoods were hugely impacted by the outbreak of the pandemic. He got introduced to the CoRe Programme and it has made a whole lot of difference in his life and the team he manages. The sessions on

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Napoleon Kofie

Leveraging technology to impart lives.  Napoleon shares how the CoRe programme has stretched his ability and given him incredible skills and knowledge to complement his expertise as a digital consultant. He shares his amazing experiences. My name is Napoleon Kofie. I am a digital consultant and I served as Digital Lead for the CoRe Programme.

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Ibrahim Elijah

Repositioned to explore more opportunities.  During the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ibrahim’s business was not exempted. He shares his story about how the CoRe Programme gave him and his family hope as he looks forward to exploring other business avenues. My name is Ibrahim Elijah, Northern Regional support staff on the CoRe Programme. COVID-19

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Augustine Bediako

Who Moved My Cheese? Augustine mentions that during the many unanswered questions bothering his mind, the story “who moved my cheese?” which chronicled amazing ways of dealing with change and the superb presentation of the story in the e-learning sessions calmed him down and kept him on track. He shares his story. I am Augustine

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Madonna Yaa Oduro

A humbling, insightful and fulfilling encounter.  The feedback from beneficiaries of the CoRe Programme about how it has helped them has been a humbling and fulfilling experience for Madonna. Having heard the stories of many of the mentees, she is happy to have been given the opportunity to be a blessing to them through the

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Sylvia Akuffo

I learnt to build resilience and strength.  Sylvia has learnt how to build resilience in the face of unexpected situations including COVID-19 and its effects. She has developed the agility and mental strength needed to prevail and thrive amid crisis moments. My name is Sylvia Akuffo, e-Counselling Lead for the CoRe Programme. Before COVID-19, I

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Eric Otchere

I was stretched to accomplish more.  Eric is filled with awe and amazement about the way technology and social media have been harnessed so effectively to impact the lives of so many across the globe before his very eyes. As the e-Mentoring lead for the CoRe Programme, he has been challenged to aspire to greater

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Matthew Peprah Boateng

Many will reference CoRe as their turning point.  Matthew saw at close range how COVID-19 abruptly disrupted the Springboard 2020 Road Show as well as his master’s Programme. He describes how the CoRe Programme became arguably a far bigger outlet for expressing his passion for developing young people. The global news coverage in December 2019

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Dr. Albert Sedohia

I am delighted to have served.  Dr. Sedohia is happy about the many lives that were imparted through the CoRe. He shares his enthused about persons who contacted him about mental health cases and how he helped link them to the relevant facilities. I am Dr. Albert Sedohia, a Psychiatrist Specialist at the Korle-Bu Teaching

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