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Worldlight Nkrumah

Intervention: CoRe

I have an advantage in my procurement course. 

My name is Worldlight Nkrumah, a Procurement and Supply student at the Koforidua Technical University. COVID–19 interrupted my education in the sense that we were sent home and all our academic sessions were held online. This made learning very difficult because we had to use one month to complete an entire course and write our examinations, a process which hitherto took four months. The CoRe Programme has helped me to learn a lot about Procurement and Supply,

CoRe came in at a time when Worldlight seemed to be struggling to cope with her academic work which had been move online. CoRe helped her to move online and gave her additional insights into her chosen field of procurement and supply which I believe will enrich my performance as a student. I have learnt the right procurement terms to use and how to work as a professional.

Furthermore, I learnt about investment and savings and doing business. I have started consciously saving the little money I get from what I earn from assisting my mother with her trading.

Thanks to my mentor, Madam Felicity Commey, for the precious lessons