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Timothy Yeboah Larbi

Intervention: CoRe

From emotional trauma to knowledge hub. 

After the interruptions in the educational system during the COVID-19 restrictions, Timothy got introduced to the CoRe mentoring programme through a friend and it has been a great learning experience for him. He shares his story here:

My name is Timothy Yeboah Larbi, a student of KNUST. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its associated lockdowns, stay-homes, restricted movements, closure of schools, businesses, churches, wearing of masks and having to submit my course works via the internet, was the shock of my life. I was totally unfamiliar with the new arrangements and found it emotionally traumatising I had become so used to the old ways of our educational system.

I joined the CoRe Programme rather hesitantly because I felt nothing new was going to come out of it. I was quite doubtful how it could be of benefit to me. I suspect my inertia was also because it bore a semblance to the digital learning I so dreaded.

Amidst all my doubts, I still joined, although rather late. Having submitted to the programme, I am thankful that I finally signed up. The knowledge and inspiration gained about real life issues, including topics such as money, investment, personal branding, consistency, discipline, building and maintaining brands, has elevated my spirit. I now have a deeper understanding of these sensitive areas of life than before.

Mrs. Gillian Hammond who facilitated some of the sessions also made a huge impact on me with the clarity she brought to bear on the issues at hand. I am glad that through the mentoring sessions I have decided to take my personal savings and investments more seriously than before. As we were taught – and it is true in life – money solves a lot of the problems and challenges we find in the society.

I have learnt to become a more rounded person, live a balanced life, be open-minded and to utilise the opportunities that come my way.

Thanks to the CoRe Programme.