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Stephen Mansu

Intervention: CoRe

All is not lost. 

Stephen was on the verge of completely losing hope when his bee-keeping business tumbled down due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. After participating in the CoRe Programme, his hope to start again and persist has come alive. He shares his story.

My name is Stephen Mansu. Life has always been a struggle especially after my second-cycle education. Everything I tried seemed to fail after a while. I attempted driving, teaching and my most recent engagement, which was beekeeping.

Unlike my previous attempts, the beekeeping venture seemed promising entering into the year 2020. However, the unfortunate outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic distorted my plans. My encounter with the CoRe Programme has helped me to break free from the mental limitation that “all is lost”.

Although I have not re-commenced the business in full-swing, I have been equipped with new strategies which I can adopt and deploy to do business profitably. I am grateful to the dedicated souls behind this programme for their patience and persistence.