Springboard Road Show Foundation

Stephen Kwapong

Intervention: CoRe

My law dream has been ignited. 

Stephen’s dream of excelling in the legal profession has been inspired. He’s also learnt to explore additional opportunities for greater impact in his life’s pursuits.

I am Stephen Kwapong, a member of the Legal Practice Group of the CoRe programme. I learnt that law is not just what we see outside; and that becoming a lawyer does not guarantee that you’ll be successful or wealthy. One must work extra hard and explore additional opportunities to scale- up one’s income and accomplish a lot more. It could be in the areas of software development, hardware management, selling goods, trading currencies and real estate among many other opportunities.

Even though I am not a lawyer or legal practitioner, my dream is to become one. The information from the CoRe programme has been educative and helpful in inspiring that dream. I am excited about the prospect of practicing law and convinced that CoRe has groomed me very well to become a good lawyer in due course. Aside of the professional aspects of these lessons, I have also decided to develop the habit of listening more, which is an important part of communication.

I am gradually applying it, and, with time, I will achieve my dreams.