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Seidu Iddrisu

Intervention: CoRe

I changed my approach to farming. 

Seidu changed strategy in his farming business after the impact of COVID–19. The lessons from the CoRe programme equipped him to be resilient and persist in the face of challenges. Things are now picking up with his new approach to business, especially in record keeping.

My name is Seidu Iddrisu from Tamale in the Northern Region. I am an Engineering student at the University of Mines and Technology (UMoT) and an Agriculturist (poultry farmer). I also sell insurance policies as an agent of an insurance company.

I received an SMS about the e-mentoring sessions on the CoRe Programme. I registered to partake and signed up to the Psychiatric Group. The onset of the COVID–19 pandemic and its accompanying restrictions affected my sources of income as a farmer while my insurance agency work ended abruptly.

My farming business suffered because my birds were mostly layers. I struggled to cater for the cost of taking care of the birds, including feeding and vaccination. The situation was so difficult that I switched from layers to broilers, the cost of which was much more manageable as compared to the layers.

Through the CoRe Programme, I learnt how to market myself and my business. I improved on my networking skills as I realized the enormous benefits of having good social networks. I also learnt about packaging and branding, which have all helped me to scale up in my farm business.

Joining these mentoring sessions has been one of the best decisions I have made this year. It has helped me to understand that we all need to support each other in pursuing our various goals in life as no man is an island. Everyone needs help every step of the way no matter how far you have come in life. I’ve learnt to be resilient, to never give up on my dreams and these are valuable lessons I will forever cherish.

CoRe Mentoring team, AYEKOOOOOOO!!!