Springboard Road Show Foundation

Samuel Entsie

Intervention: CoRe

CoRe has been my game changer. 

Samuel’s business was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; but the lessons learnt about resilience in the face of challenges have helped get him back on track.

I am Samuel Entsie. It has been a tremendous blessing following the CoRe Programme. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic adversely affected my barbering saloon business. The pandemic disrupted my business in the following ways:

  • It slowed down the flow of customers.
  • I lost several customers.
  • My daily sales figures dropped.
  • I couldn’t even pay my electricity bills.
  • The shop had to be closed.

Thanks to the teachings I received on resilience, I found the strength to keep moving on. I later resorted to serving my customers on a house-to-house basis. This worked the magic because once they felt safer and found it more convenient, they were able to resume the service. I even made some savings on electricity usage.

CoRe has been a game changer for me. May God bless the pioneers of this programme with the needed wisdom to keep doing more!