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Rose Aduful

Intervention: CoRe

Many more young people need this. 

Rose reckons that her own life and career path have been impacted immensely through her mentorship role. She has gained additional insights to improve her own job. She would like to see CoRe as an annual intervention to benefit more young people.

My name is Rose Aduful. I am a nurse by profession and a mentor of the Nursing Group. Before I met my mentees, I would always conduct comprehensive research from credible authorities, and this has helped me to learn a lot of new concepts and ideas that would not only improve my professional path but my life.

CoRe has given me new dimensions to challenge my career. I have also gained new insights that would improve and promote my job. The programme has been an inspiring opportunity to raise excellent professional nurses for Mother Ghana.

The use of WhatsApp in the mentoring process was effective because it’s one of the easiest means of communication and very economical to use.

CoRe is a great initiative and I think it should be an annual programme to develop the lives of some more youth across the nation because I realize from the feedback that a lot more out there need this to grow in their personal life and careers.