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Richard Kweku Ampomah

Intervention: CoRe

Poultry farm scaled up. 

Richard has scaled up his poultry business and is now exploring commercial sales of his farm produce. The knowledge he’s acquired from the CoRe programme has enabled him to deploy best practices to expand his farm. He shares his story:

My name is Richard Kweku Ampomah from Takoradi in the Western Region. I was doing my national service in a private school when COVID-19 broke out. This interrupted my work as a service personnel.

However, I got to know about the CoRe Programme by text through a link I received from the National Service outfit. I subsequently joined the Agric Animal group. Signing up to the CoRe programme greatly filled the vacuum in my life. I acquired a lot of new knowledge and insights into topical matters such as choosing a career, negotiation skills, work-life balance, etc.

I had a small poultry farm before joining the programme. During the various learning sessions, I realized that I could do better with my farm if I put in place some measures and structures. I’m glad to say that I have started implementing this new knowledge in managing the farm.

Since I started proper record keeping, some aspects of the cost of running the farm as well as my pricing have improved tremendously. I can now tell whether I’m making a profit or loss, which I didn’t know earlier. Since I understand my costing better, I am better placed to price my farm products. From being a peasant poultry farmer, the CoRe Programme has challenged me to scale up my farm business.

I have also acquired the skills needed to draw a line between my work and my social life, which was another big challenge for me.