Springboard Road Show Foundation

Richard Helegbe

Intervention: CoRe

Success Requires Extra Efforts. 

Everyone desires to attain one form of achievement or the other. Richard has realized that it takes diligent and persistent extra effort to become an achiever. He shares his story with us.

My name is Richard Helegbe, a graphic designer from Accra. I joined the CoRe programme after I encountered an ad on social media about the programme. The programme has connected me with people from diverse backgrounds and helped me to grow my leadership capacity by giving me the opportunity to be a group lead. I have learnt that every dream or goal in life is only achievable on the platform of diligent, consistent, and persistent effort.

To be impactful in any chosen career or business, one must put in a lot of extra effort to succeed and make a difference. Additionally, self-discipline is required because many others may be pursuing same path of career as you are. I firmly believe that these and many other CoRe lessons would help me excel in my graphic design work.