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Rebecca Mamley Nartey

Intervention: CoRe

My life has been reshaped. 

Rebecca has gained insight about how to set SMART goals and dedicate herself towards their achievement. Her life has been set on a more purposeful path. She now reckons that with self-discipline, she will attain whatever she sets her mind to achieve.

I am Rebecca Mamley Nartey, from Oyibi in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. I am a proud beneficiary of the CoRe programme, which I joined after I came across an ad on social media. I am a student, but the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic interrupted my schooling.

The CoRe Programme came in at a good time to revitalize my life and career aspirations. I have become more focused and am adequately informed about career choices and opportunities. I now think and make decisions not just based on the present but with the future in focus. From the various training segments, I have been practically taught how to enhance my productivity by setting SMART goals and writing them down. The need to make self-discipline a personal value to enable me act on my goals was thought provoking, which I believe solves the problem of procrastination and inertia. I am now more determined than before to achieve my goals.

My life has been reshaped and I owe it to the CoRe Programme.