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Prosper Sedohia

Intervention: CoRe

I suddenly lost my income; but found hope. 

Prosper is a banker by profession and a businessman based in Anloga in the Volta Region of Ghana. He heard about the CoRe Programme through the YIEDIE Group. His sources of livelihood were impacted heavily by COVID-19. However, through to the timely intervention of the CoRe Programme, he acquired the knowledge needed to pass through the storm and get back on his feet. He shares his story here:

I am Prosper Sedohia. I was part of the Digital Marketing, Crop Production, Manufacturing, Design and Rebranding mentoring groups in CoRe Programme. The advent of Covid-19 pandemic resulted in low profit margins in the organisation I worked with. My remuneration and bonuses were curtailed as a result.

However, the knowledge and inspiration I have received from the CoRe Programme opened me up to other investment opportunities, which I am currently exploring with the little saving I have.