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Paulina L. Essel

Intervention: CoRe

This has been revealing and fulfilling. 

Paulina was doubtful about how feasible the idea of e-counselling was going to be as she had had no previous experience. To her amazement, she realized the enormous potential in e-counselling as beneficiaries were able to share their stories and receive help. She calls it a revealing period of her life.

I am Paulina L. Essel, a Counseling Psychologist. I was initially wondering if I wanted to join this CoRe e-Counselling programme. I considered the fact that I had not had e-Counselling for a group in my three years of experience as a Counselling Psychologist. I however took up the challenge. It is with a grateful heart and great joy that I state that this e-Counselling programme has been a most fulfilling experience in my life.

One topic which I felt was an eye opener for the beneficiaries was the topic on ‘dealing with the unexpected’ handled so expertly by my colleague, Dr. Joana Larry-Afutu, and subsequently used for the group sessions. In my counselling career, one issue I try to avoid is assisting clients in crisis because it makes me emotional. Ironically two of the beneficiaries were in crisis and I had to apply all my skills to intervene. Surprisingly, I dealt with them to their admiration and within a few weeks, they had bounced back earlier than I even expected. Those who wanted to privately message me to assist them also did so.

All in all, it was a revealing period of my life and the experience gained was enormous. I am appreciative of Springboard and other partners for coming out with such a programme to assist our young ones in their lives’ journeys.