Springboard Road Show Foundation

Paulina Adufie

Intervention: CoRe

I grabbed an early bird opportunity with both hands. 

Paulina chanced upon the opportunity to sew and sell nose masks during the early days of the outbreak of the pandemic. She hopes for more support to expand her sewing operations.

I am Paulina Adufie, a beneficiary of the YIEDIE Programme and now the CoRe Programme. The COVID-19 pandemic distorted all my plans. The lockdown directive and the social distancing measures instituted to check the spread of the virus really affected me, as we were all asked to stay home.

To ensure that I thrived during the period, I chose to sew face coverings and sell them to persons within my community. The idea was inspired by the CoRe Programme sessions on how to seize opportunities and do business with your talent.

Since CoRe was instrumental in my decision to embark on this venture, I seek the support of the conveners of the programme to help me get a new sewing machine and to assist me to refurbish my sewing operations shop.