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Patrick E. Nartey

Intervention: CoRe

Inspired to Attain Success. 

Patrick’s interest in research and continuous learning has shot up; he now believes that with the right knowledge and information, success will be inevitable. His hunger for accomplishment has therefore been stirred us.

My name is Patrick E. Nartey. I had the wonderful privilege of being part of the Investment Banking Group of the CoRe programme. Personally, the program has been an enlightening experience for me, especially drawing from the practical step-by-step slides and audios given to us by our mentor. I learnt a lot about being resilient especially in this COVID-19 period. The lessons on financial management have shifted my paradigm about money, savings, and investments which I will apply to my life. I have also developed more interest in research and continuous learning and my hunger for success in life has been stirred up.