Springboard Road Show Foundation

Odelia Kafui Alornyo

Intervention: CoRe

An awareness about the future. 

Odelia is thankful to have had the opportunity to be mentored on the CoRe Programme. She now has a more futuristic and generational mindset, which she believes will guide her life goals and aspirations.

My name is Odelia Kafui Alornyo. I am very thankful to CoRe for their various inputs in training me for the future. CoRe has built me up to be a very futuristic individual. I have learnt to have foresight into the future and plan my life as such. The consistent training, I have received has aided me in:

  • Keeping records
  • Earning profits and
  • Saving for the future

I intend applying these to ensure that I remain productive and frugal as an individual.

I am most grateful to CoRe for granting me this opportunity.