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Obeng Amankwaa Amofa Capito

Intervention: CoRe

An intense resolve to overcome and succeed. 

Obeng found it difficult cultivating the habit of savings and investments but thanks to the CoRe Programme he’s been inspired beyond measure to start saving the little he can enable him to accomplish his goals, coupled with very interesting lessons he gained joining the programme. He shares his story.

My name is Obeng Amankwaa Amofa Capito, from Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I got to know about the Core programme through a link on social media and it has been by far a most inspiring learning session for me as I continue to learn new things every time. The various mentors have shared a lot with us, and God bless them.

Lessons on savings and investments have challenged me to cultivate the habit of savings no matter how little my income is. This is to enable me start up something. I believe that even if I must “squeeze the rock to get water”, though slow, saving consistently would bring results. I’m considering several prospective ventures and if I can raise a certain investment capital, I know I will hit the jackpot and break it.

I have had interesting and challenging moments in my job as a supervisor of a school. The outbreak of the pandemic and my encounter with the CoRe programme thought me a lot of lessons. I believe if I had this knowledge earlier, I would have made better decisions and avoided certain mistakes. Key thoughts on pro-activity and going the extra mile in service and in my work even in challenging times were so much of a blessing during the programme. I have really been inspired through the CoRe programme and I know with diligence and a focused mind-set, God’s plan for my life would be fulfilled in all my endeavours and I will succeed.

The platforms have really been instructive. At first, I was only building hopes on securing loans from the financial institutions but now I have realized that loans are majorly secured to expand business rather than to start a new business. The need for continuous learning was one great lesson for me. Thus, I have started applying myself to some online professional courses which has been helpful.

Knowledge is the most important thing for me now as compared to having certificates. I am passionate about becoming self-employed and growing steadily in that regard. So, help me God.

I express my sincerest gratitude to the CoRe programme for the huge impact it has made in my life.