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Nasil Ofori

Intervention: CoRe

I wanted to quit but changed my mind after CoRe. 

Nasil almost gave up on her job when she got overwhelmed by her daily tasks. Thanks to the CoRe programme, she has a new outlook about her work after being empowered by the sessions on staying power and resilience.

I am Nasil Ofori. I had the rare privileged to be among the few personnel to have been retained after my National Service as a technical staff in a hospital’s pharmacy. It obviously seemed like a very favourable thing that had happened to me.  However, deep within, I soon got fed up with the job as I found myself burning out very quickly. I struggled to cope with the tedious nature of the daily tasks to be performed. I had already programmed my mind to quit my job when I stumbled upon the CoRe Programme on radio.

I followed the sessions closely for some time and had a change my mind about quitting my job. Through the sessions with the clinical psychologists, I have learnt what it means to be RESILIENT. This is what has kept me standing up until now. I entreat each person to take the sessions seriously and I am very grateful to everyone on the CoRe Team.