Springboard Road Show Foundation

Naomi Osei – Asemani

Intervention: CoRe

I have been stretched to do more. 

The ability to deliver presentations virtually without a physical presence and active participation of an audience was an interesting new learning for Naomi. Her scope of knowledge has increased through researching into areas that were not necessarily in her regular line of work.

My name is Naomi Osei-Asemani, an educationist. I was the Education Administration Group Mentor. My direct benefit from the mentoring programme had to do with the discipline and time involved in researching on my topics, preparation of my presentations and the actual delivery of the presentations. These have helped to expand my knowledge on other key topics which hitherto have not been in my line of studies.

I have also learnt how to do a virtual presentation from beginning to the end without a direct active audience listening. It takes lots of intrinsic motivation to do that. I believe this skill can really help me in the future. One other key aspect for me was my ability to share my experiences with other people. I have come to realize that the more I share, the more fulfilling the experience is. This has made me realize that I have the capacity to achieve more than I have currently done.

It’s been a successful programme overall and I hope subsequent editions would have mentees finding time to attend to the virtual meetings in real time so that sessions can be more interactive.