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Michael Kwao Tamakloe

Intervention: CoRe

I am finding opportunities in adversity. 

Michael’s livelihood as a teacher was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the CoRe Programme, Michael has equipped himself with the relevant knowledge and insight for his profession, which he is looking forward to exploring along with some opportunities in farming. He shares his story:

I am Michael Kwao Tamakloe, a teacher based in Accra. As a result of the disruptions in my work caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19, I have had to relocate to Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern region. My salary has been reduced by half, thus making life very difficult for me financially. Furthermore, my related channels of additional income such as extra classes all dried up suddenly.

I heard about the CoRe programme on radio and decided to sign up. Being part of the Education mentoring group helped me to develop resilience to withstand the adversities of the pandemic. With a passion to venture into agriculture soon, I benefited greatly from the knowledge that I received about the agricultural sector.

As a teacher, I have been very much equipped with more knowledge and am thus poised to become a better teacher when schools reopen. I have also started saving the little I can towards the crop and poultry farming, which I intend to start, thanks to the CoRe Programme.