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Mawulom Hagan Awume

Intervention: CoRe

A new discovery of learning. 

Mawulom has mainly been involved in Agribusiness and general agriculture. However, the CoRe mentoring programme offered her an opportunity to get to know more about animal rearing because some of her mentees were involved in that. She shares her enriching experience.

My name is Mawulom Hagan. I mentored the Agribusiness group. Being part of this e-mentoring programme has really benefited me in terms of having to read wide and get some practical knowledge in the field of small animal rearing.

Even though my field is agribusiness and general agriculture, I discovered that most of the mentees in my group were into rearing small animals like poultry, rabbits, and the like. In view of this, I had to study copiously and gain practical knowledge into the area of their occupation. Venturing into these unfamiliar areas has been a major benefit to me and have widened my scope in agribusiness.

Additionally, I took advantage to participate in other aspects of the CoRe Programme that I found very beneficial and insightful, particularly the LEAD Conferences. I’ve gleaned numerous nuggets from there to help in my personal life and career.

I must say that this is my first experience of being a mentor on an e-platform. Initially, I had my own reservations regarding how things would turn out; but going through the weekly sessions and engagements brought me to the conclusion that e-mentoring is effective and makes room for real time responses and feedback.

There were a few times where the following on the virtual platform was not high as I had expected, but, generally, the chosen medium of delivery was very effective. I wish to commend the whole team and those who put in hidden and background efforts to ensure that this worked. Their efforts have been worth it. I am also grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this as well.