Springboard Road Show Foundation

Mark Ato Ghansah

Intervention: CoRe

CoRe was rare opportunity to share my experiences. 

Mark cherishes the experience of having to share his experiences with others to enable them receive insight and guidance in the pursuit of their own aspirations in life. He shares his story.

My name is Mark Ato Ghansah, an entrepreneur. The CoRe Programme has helped me to research and share my experiences on how I started my business, its current stage, and the way forward with mentees. I believe these sessions have empowered mentees to enable them to persist in their ventures and become successful entrepreneurs.

Through the programme, I have personally been exposed to how I can communicate effectively and guide young people to accomplish their goals in business. It’s been a great learning experience for me.

It is my fervent hope that through the CoRe programme, more young entrepreneurs will be raised so that more businesses can be built to create more sustainable direct and indirect employment for our generation and generations unborn.