Springboard Road Show Foundation

Larry Yarmoah Antwi

Intervention: CoRe

I am more confident about my chosen career. 

Harry is a media person specialising in sports. Apart from being a production team member, the CoRe Programme has created in him the desire to aspire higher in his chosen career and achieve greater heights.

Larry Yarmoah Antwi is my name, from Pobiman at Accra, on the Nsawam road. I am a media person and a production team member for that matter. I came across an Ad on social media particularly on Owureku’s Facebook page about the CoRe Programme and signed up to the Sports Journalism Group. Being part of that group gave me a lot more exposure about the intricacies of my work, which has helped me understand and improve upon my football analysis and data collection skills via the use of the internet. I learnt a lot about how to take my career to the next level in sports journalism and I believe the new insights I have will serve as a springboard to the next stage.

Lessons on savings and investments has also been so crucial to me because it’s a subject matter that should concern everyone. I hope to apply all this lessons to my personal life and career and become an achiever in my chosen career field, thanks to the CoRe mentoring programme.