Springboard Road Show Foundation

Joseph Quartey

Intervention: CoRe

I am now more optimistic about life. 

For several years, Joseph limited himself to a world in which he was pessimistic and reserved. Through his participation in the CoRe Programme, his confidence level has shot up. He’s now working on improving his social skills and becoming more resolute and resilient to the issues of life.

My name is Joseph Quartey and I’m based at Koforidua, specifically in Nyamekrom. I am a teacher, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been at home since March 2020, when schools were closed.

Due to the restrictions on movement that accompanied the initial lockdown, my plans to travel to Accra to be with my family and loved ones was curtailed. It was during this period of frustration and depression, that I got introduced to the CoRe Programme by one Ms. Ama Obeng.

I subsequently joined the e-counselling group; and I must say it has been very helpful to me. Looking back, I realise that I had very poor social skills. I have however been inspired and equipped to start improving. The CoRe Programme has given me hope for the future.

I have learnt how good relationships can be a springboard to achieving one’s purpose in life. I feel more stronger emotionally than I was before. No matter the challenges I encounter during my life, I believe I can overcome them and prevail. I am now more optimistic about life.