Springboard Road Show Foundation

John Benjamin Eshun

Intervention: CoRe

An experience I never could have imagined. 

Benjamin sees the opportunity of serving as a mentor in his chosen field as an eye opening one. His tight schedules posed a challenge, but he pulled through.

My name is John Benjamin Eshun, an Educationist. Becoming a mentor of the Education Group was an eye opener for me. I had to always spend some time to prepare, and this was sometimes tough due to my busy schedules.

I have enjoyed the one-on-one interactions with some of the mentees who contacted me. I have thus been enlightened by the sort of things some of them are engaged in and have shared personal lessons, which they appreciated. The opportunity to reach out to over 200 young people and share experiences and knowledge in my profession on WhatsApp was not something I thought would be possible. But it is a reality now.

The depth and knowledge some of the mentees possess was amazing. The few times I gave the platform to some of them was exciting as they shared great lessons on Personal Branding and Vision Board Creation. Even when it looks like mentees are not responding on the page, they are reading. This has been a great opportunity to reach out to these mentees.

I would wish there was another opportunity to do in-person sessions at least once a month. The CoRe Programme has been a great and timely initiative.

Thank you.