Springboard Road Show Foundation

James Komla Coffie

Intervention: CoRe

I have improved on my web design skills. 

James is grateful to the CoRe Programme for equipping him with skills in web designing, creating, and maintaining a website. He looks forward to eventually blending these skills into his business as a digital designer.

My name is James Komla Coffie. I was undertaking my National Service when the pandemic broke out Paradoxically, COVID-19 was both a curse and a blessing. It restricted my movement but that gave me more time to spend with my books. The CoRe Programme has helped me to be more practical in my area of study, which is designing.

I was in the Web Design and Development Group. The programme has added to my knowledge around web designing, creating, and maintaining a website. Having been equipped so well, I want to keep learning and eventually blend the skills into being a digital designer. I will then move into business. Thank you, CoRe for this opportunity.