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James Abogah

Intervention: CoRe

CoRe Turned My Farming Business Around. 

James’ farm products were getting rotten because of his lack of contact with traders. He had a business turnaround when he encountered the CoRe programme facilitators. He overcame his fear of the virus, took the right steps, and saw his business resuscitated. How did he do it? James tells his own story:

James Agbogah is my name. I am a farmer in New Edubiase in the Ashanti Region and a member of the MASO Youth group. In all the discussions about COVID-19, very little has been said about farmers and how it has negatively impacted our lives and work.

The reality is, we had no problem going to our farms. Our biggest challenge was how to sell our farm produce to our customers and other traders after harvesting them. Most of our customers were afraid of contracting the virus and so were we.

My harvest could not wait for the pandemic to be over. The foodstuffs were going bad, and I had to sell them. I was terribly confused and frustrated, not knowing what to do. Thankfully, I was introduced to the CoRe Programme which has since been of immense benefit to me.

Through this programme, I learnt a lot and was exposed to safer and better ways of meeting and interacting with my customers to sell my produce. I was now able to switch to house-to-house delivery of my produce. This was done while observing the safety protocols.

This approach transformed my business and shaped my vision in no small way. I am very grateful to the organisers. I want to invite the leadership of CoRe to visit us here to teach us some more of these principles. I believe many more people in our communities will benefit from it.

Thank you.