Springboard Road Show Foundation

Isaac Kofi Arthur

Intervention: CoRe

I was both a mentor and mentee. 

Kofi served both as a mentor for the acting group and mentee for the tourism group. He is exhilarated about the new stuff he has leant about tourism, which is his other passion.

My name is Isaac Kofi Arthur. I am a writer, author, and actor. I was privileged to serve as mentor for the Acting Group on the CoRe Programme. The programme gave me the opportunity to teach young people who want to learn more about acting.

The need to research to deliver relevant content to my audience further broadened my scope and understanding in my field. It felt very fulfilling to be able to support the professional growth of young people. This is CoRe mentoring is a good initiative and I encourage the organizers to sustain it.

Interestingly, I also took advantage of the opportunity to join the Tourism Mentoring Group, this time as a mentee. It was surreal to sit on the other side and note what they were doing differently. I want to congratulate the tourism mentor, Anthony  Andoh for the good work he did by providing educative and useful contents for the weekly sessions.

I want to use this opportunity to encourage him to keep it up. I really love tourism and his sessions made it even more attractive to me. Such a phenomenal programme CoRe has been.