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Isaac Armah

Intervention: CoRe

Business is service to man. 

Isaac has learnt a crucial lesson in business which is to ensure that every business service or product he offers must be aimed at solving one problem or the other and make lives better for others. He shares his story.

My name is Isaac Armah, from Accra. I was a member of the entrepreneurship mentoring group which I signed up to through a link on social media. Professionally, I am an entrepreneur in real estates and agriculture.

The CoRe Programme immensely impacted my life. I have learnt so many new things in business and career pursuits which I believe will guide me in my businesses. I learned that in establishing a business, my focus should be on how to solve problems and make lives better for people. In addition to that, services, or products that I offer must solve human needs and put smiles on the faces of my customers. A great learning experience indeed. The opportunity to be a group lead also enabled me to network with many others.

Thanks to the CoRe mentoring programme