Springboard Road Show Foundation

Ibrahim Elijah

Intervention: CoRe

Repositioned to explore more opportunities. 

During the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ibrahim’s business was not exempted. He shares his story about how the CoRe Programme gave him and his family hope as he looks forward to exploring other business avenues.

My name is Ibrahim Elijah, Northern Regional support staff on the CoRe Programme. COVID-19 came as a big surprise to everybody all over the world especially as the New Year began with so much promise. I was working on my small retail and animal rearing business before the outbreak of the pandemic. The moment Ghana recorded its first case, my fears and anxiety increased as I never knew what the future would look like. My retail business which was basically into the selling of consumables was affected because of the associated lockdowns and restrictions in movement. The business nearly collapsed but God being so good I managed to survive the situation.

The benefits of the CoRe Programme cannot be overemphasized. I have become a more resilient person. Through the programme, I have learnt how to market my business amid difficult economic situations and how to identify opportunities even in difficult situations and prevail.

CoRe came at a time when my life and family were turning upside down, but for the intervention of the programme, I’m now better placed to take up new business opportunities.

Thanks to CoRe for the wonderful opportunity. My family and I have been immensely impacted and the CoRe Programme have become a household name in my home.