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Hilda Lamisi Bugre

Intervention: CoRe

CoRe counselling has enriched my life. 

Hilda is a National Service person who benefitted from counselling through the CoRe Programme. She shares how her career path has been enriched as a result:

I am Hilda Lamisi Bugre, a 35-year-old National Service person from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. I heard of the CoRe Programme through text messages sent to all National Service personnel. Since then, I have regularly followed it, sometimes through Facebook, Radio Broadcast, and counselling sessions on with my psychologist, Madam Ethel Obeng-Treve, who has been a great inspiration to me.

Life was not easy during the coronavirus pandemic, but thanks to this initiative, I have received counselling on what to do to make life better counselling sessions, I have decided to take an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) course while I wait for employment. I am also planning to start a small business of my own even if the pandemic persists. As a result of these

Thank you, management of CoRe. I really appreciate your efforts to empower the youth. Thank you, my mentor, Madam Ethel. God bless you all.