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Intervention: CoRe

I am inspired to harness and utilize my talents. 

Grace mentions how the CoRe Programme made a huge impact on her life and business. Aside the many lessons, she is inspired to develop and deploy her talents to serve humanity.

I’m into Aluminium Fabrication and I reside at Kasoa-Tuba. I am a YIEDIE beneficiary. While I was home at the initial stages of the coronavirus outbreak, I heard about the CoRe Mentoring Programme and kept following it. I must confess that it has been of great benefit to me.

I have been greatly inspired to use my talent to do business and practice effective time management as well as maintain very good hygienic conditions in the workplace.

My attitude and skills for business has really been enhanced through the CoRe Programme. I honestly appeal to the organizers and sponsors of the programme to consider supporting us financially so we can become established to open our own shops in the times ahead.