Springboard Road Show Foundation

Gladys Arthur

Intervention: CoRe

An opportunity to impact lives. 

Gladys is elated to have been given the opportunity to mentor others in this manner. She asserts that mentees have been empowered to build resilience in the face of difficulties and upscale themselves professionally.

My name is Gladys Arthur. As a mentor for the Executive Assistant Group, I have had the direct benefit of doing thorough research on topics, particularly on savings and investment, which hitherto I hadn’t keenly considered to go in-depth with.

I developed the discipline to consistently deliver value regardless of the seemingly quiet participation of mentees during sessions because at the end of the day, report and feedback indicates most of them were really learning and applying what they had been learning from the programme.

My gratitude goes to the Springboard Foundation, Solidaridad and Mastercard for the CoRe Programme. It has provided opportunities for mentors like me to impact lives and guide mentees to build resilience and upscale in their respective areas of work.

Thank you.