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Gideon Sosu Jnr

Intervention: CoRe

I aspire to become the Mark Zuckerberg of Africa. 

Gideon looks back at a year of massive disruptions and realises how fortunate he is to have learnt so much about technology, real estate, investment, and leadership through the CoRe Programme. He shares his lofty future aspirations here:

Before his demise, my father once asked us, his children, during a Christmas Day dinner: “What do you guys want to become in future?’’ My junior brother said he aspired to be a doctor. I said I wanted to become a great engineer. I want to share how that dream almost fell on the rocks and how the CoRe Programme brought it back to life.

I am Gideon Sosu, Jnr, based at Maamobi in Accra. I first heard of CoRe through the YIEDIE Youth Programme. I signed up right away and was privileged to be a part of the Software and App Development, Civil Engineering, and Investment and Finance groups. My mentors were Ing. Moses, Mr. Claude Amadu and Mr. Myles Hagan of UMB Bank.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent announcement of the partial lockdown in the country had affected the growth of my businesses in safety and security mechanisms (CCTV, electric fence wiring, fire alarm, access door control, intruder alarm system) and software application development, not to talk about my personal life.

Since March 2020, I had not been able to close any sales deal with either existing or new clients: the economic turn of events had affected the businesses of my clients so much that they were experiencing dwindling incomes and incurring losses.

Through the CoRe sessions, I learnt the basics of developing an App using the B4A. Additionally, I acquired knowledge in how to start a real estate business or up-scale it by becoming a realtor. With the new law reforms surrounding the real estate industry, I learnt that I had to become a member of an accredited real estate organisation and acquire a valid member ID to become a real estate agent. I also learnt how to bid for contracts and a bit about Banking and Investment. All these have become very essential to me and my business.

Apart from the technical and business skills, I was also privileged to imbibe some leadership lessons. I learnt to get work done through people by providing the adequate information and tools. I also learnt about the different kinds of risks associated with making investment decisions.

The CoRe Programme has really opened a window into my future aspirations. I believe I am on track, and I will surely get there. My one-on-one meetings and long chats with Ing. Moses gave me more hope and insight into what the future held for me.

I had the privilege of serving as the group leader for the software App Development group facilitated by Mr. Claude Amadu. This knowledge has come in handy: it has taught me the value and importance of growing relationships. I am learning more day-in-day-out because I really aspire to become the Mark Zuckerberg of Africa. I really love the CoRe Programme and the great resource persons they brought on board.

I have wasted no time incorporating what I learnt into my scope of business and personal life. I can say the future is much brighter. I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I just need to be focused and persistent.