Springboard Road Show Foundation

Felicia Maame Cobbina

Intervention: CoRe

Repositioned to provide better services. 

Felicia was blissfully unaware until competition in her industry ravaged her business. She was concerned and perplexed as she began losing her customers but thanks to the CoRe mentoring programme, she acquired the relevant business skills and knowledge to help her provide great services to her clients and thrive in her business.

I am Felicia Maame Cobbina, from Efiakuma in the Western region. I graduated from the YIEDIE program as a youth artisan in December 2019, intending to use my newly acquired skills to start a business. By God’s grace, I soon got a job and saved up enough capital to start my business. Initially, all was well, or so I thought. I had acquired a few customers and started to gain confidence. Little did I know that I was living in self-delusion.

Before long, a competitor started a similar business nearby and before I could blink, my customers started leaving me. It took some time, but the problem became apparent – my customers were not satisfied with my service. Although I now knew the problem, I struggled to solve it, because I could not pinpoint exactly why my interactions with my customers left them unhappy.

Luckily for me, a link for the CoRe program popped up on the YIEDIE platform. I joined the programme and thanks to the CoRe team, business has started looking up. I now realize that one’s skills can attract customers, but attitude is crucial to keep the business going. If not for the CoRe Programme, I would have lost my job.

Now my customers love to patronise me, and I enjoy serving them as well. Thanks once again to the Springboard Road Show Foundation, MasterCard Foundation and Solidaridad. A special thank you to my number one counsellor, Sarah Woldemanuel.

I’m eternally grateful.