Springboard Road Show Foundation

Fareda Abdulai

Intervention: CoRe

It’s been an enriching and exciting experience. 

Fareda mentions that her interest in reading and research has been boosted through participation in the programme. She really enjoyed the interactions with the mentees.

My name is Fareda Abdulai, an Interior Decorator and mentor of the Interior Décor group. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be part of the CoRe Programme because I have really enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot in the process. My reading and research skills have also been sharpened as I realize that I now read, and research more than I did previously due to my role as mentor.

Interacting with my mentees and giving out what I know was very fulfilling. The use of WhatsApp was helpful as well. A lot of young people have benefitted from the programme, and I encourage the initiative to continue. I am willing anytime to continue to share my knowledge and experience.