Springboard Road Show Foundation

Evans Kofi Yeboah

Intervention: CoRe

Events planning is my passion. 

With his interest in events planning and management having been invigorated, Evans is ready to deploy his new skills to initiate his own events and support other events while in the university.

I am Evans Kofi Yeboah, from Ablekuma at Accra and a student at the University of Ghana. I came across an ad on social media about the CoRe programme and decided to sign up. I joined the events planning and organizing group because it’s an area I’m passionate about. I also benefitted from the project management and personal executive assistance groups. There was so much exposition on how to plan and have a successful event. Key thoughts such as having clear objectives for the event in question, preparation of the event budget, how to promote the event to attract the specified audience, recruitment of events support staff and planning specific time schedules on various aspects of an event were indeed great lessons to me.

In fact, time and space won’t permit me to share all that I learnt.

I am currently planning an event to roll out next year and applying the many teachings gleaned from.  Apart from that, I’m part of a volunteering group on campus and my new knowledge in events planning will come in handy.

During the many sessions, contributions from other participants and sample tasks on event planning gave me clues on how to come up with an event that could give my business or any business the right exposure to customers and permeate the market.

I also discovered the vast opportunity in pursuing careers in Event Planning and Organising, as our social life is characterized with many events. Using the event check list would get me prepared for these events and learn new ideas in addition.