Springboard Road Show Foundation

Eunice Armah – Nunoo

Intervention: CoRe

It’s been a great eye opener. 

Eunice asserts that her role as mentor gave her the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience in her profession as well as build her own capacity for future engagements. She shares her experience.

My name is Eunice Naa Koshie Armah, a nurse by profession and a Nursing Group Mentor for the CoRe Programme. The mentoring programme allowed me to evaluate my principles and values based on what I shared with the mentees.

Researching into various topics, served as both a revision and an add-on to my existing knowledge. I found the meetings via WhatsApp to be quite interesting and flexible and I must admit it was something I never thought was possible.

I think the whole concept of CoRe is an eye opener and very informative. I have benefitted from some of the recorded audios, which are guiding my practice. It has been a great learning experience. The focus of the programme facilitators on maintaining discipline and decency on the various platforms is exceptional.

I am grateful for being part of this great vision as it has offered me the opportunity to building my own capacity for future engagements.