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Ethel Adika

Intervention: CoRe

I am the architect of my future. 

As a teacher, Ethel struggled to come to terms with the new reality of digital based learning. The CoRe Programme gave her a doorway into that space and equipped her with priceless life lessons. She shares her story:

I am Ethel Adika, a teacher trainee at Mount Mary College of Education at Somanya in the Eastern Region. I reside at Adidome in the Volta Region of Ghana. COVID-19 disrupted my education, as it forced the world to adapt to virtual learning. As this was a novelty, it was not easy for me to cope. Additionally, the cost of data discouraged me from learning as much as I typically would.

I heard of the CoRe program on a WhatsApp group page. I thought it was a great idea and therefore signed up. I participated in the Education and Creative Writing mentoring sessions. I have been inspired by the story and lessons of my mentor and facilitator, Madam Leticia Baidoo.

CoRe has not only bridged the gap in my learning; it has provided an ingredient I never thought I needed.

These are my selected lessons from the programme:

  • Volunteerism: CoRe infused me with the spirt of volunteerism. I have decided to commit my spare time to projects and initiatives geared towards engendering change in the lives of young people.
  • Possibility: I learnt that my background will not hinder my progress; that I can do anything I set my heart to do.
  • Gratitude: I have become more thankful for the opportunities I receive.
  • Networking: I have learnt how to start and sustain valuable relationships and conversations.
  • Focus: I now know that I will attract into my life whatever I my give attention to. I have therefore decided to focus on my books and my personal development.

Thanks to CoRe, I now believe that I am the architect of my future.