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Intervention: CoRe

Depression made me contemplate ending it all. 

Essilfie experienced depression after losing her dad. At the lowest point, she contemplated suicide. Thankfully, the CoRe programme came in at the right time to strengthen her.

My name is Essilfie. Participating in the CoRe Programme has been extremely beneficial. My challenges were not directly connected to the COVID-19 pandemic but coincided with the period.

Things became very tough for me when my father passed on. There was no support from anywhere. The social distancing and isolation of the lockdown and the period that followed did not help because I had very little emotional support from friends.

At the lowest point, I thought for a while about committing suicide because I felt life was not worth it. It was at this point that I heard about the CoRe Programme. I was fortunate to be connected to the e-Counselling group where I found the professional counsellors and other beneficiaries amazing. Being part of the CoRe family has taught me how to overcome difficult situations and make the most out of them.