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Enoch Amponsah

Intervention: CoRe

It beats my imagination. 

Enoch battled with challenges in his work as an Aluminium fabricator, especially with regards to machinery needed for the work. Thankfully, through CoRe, he gained insight about savings and investments and was able to save some money to get some of the working tools himself. He shares his story.

I am an Aluminium Fabricator at Kasoa and a YIEDIE Beneficiary. I am very grateful to the initiators of this wonderful programme. Unfortunately, in our line of work, acquiring machines can be very challenging and costly. Despite this, I have not been altogether discouraged, though concerned.

My encounter with the CoRe Programme has been so helpful. I have learnt valuable lessons on managing my finances and effective communication. Previously, I had not conditioned my mind to set money aside to acquire the needed tools and equipment, but CoRe has taught me otherwise. I have now been able to save some money and I’ve procured some tools on my own. If I was exposed to this in the beginning, I would have gone farther by now.

What CoRe has done for me beats my imagination. Thank You very much.