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Elizabeth Bukari

Intervention: CoRe

It is a new beginning with CoRe. 

Elizabeth experienced a jolt in her progression and suffered a personal financial decline because of COVID-19. She shares how her learnings from the CoRe mentoring sessions gave her a new zest for work.

My name is Elizabeth Bukari and I reside at Dome Pillar 2 in Accra. I was doing my National Service as a nurse before the coronavirus pandemic struck. I was earning additional income by specialising in wound dressing for a fee, in the homes of clients who could not come to the hospital.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, I lost all my clients and therefore that revenue stream. The financial challenges this created were unbearable.

Thanks to the CoRe Programme, I learnt how to brand my business, gain more clients, and seize the opportunity to generate income wherever I find myself. I enrolled in Nursing Group 2. My mentor, Eric, took us through important topics like ‘How to make money from your talent’. The nuggets I collated from each discussion were simply priceless.

My passion for the sale of medical supplies has received a fresh boost. This initiative was designed just for me.

Thank you, CoRe.