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Elizabeth Agyapomaa

Intervention: CoRe

I can make a better choice of career now. 

Elizabeth who is yet to continue her education after senior high school has had the opportunity to learn about factors to consider in choosing a career path. She believes this will serve as a great guide in her future career and business pursuits.

My name is Elizabeth Agyapomaa. I became a member of the YIEDIE Group while in Accra. I currently reside at Tamale in the Northern region. The CoRe mentoring programme has been a great blessing to me, and I am very grateful to the CoRe team for the change it has brought into my life.  The programme has practically educated me on the career path to choose as an individual. I have learnt to follow my passion and choose a career based on what I am most passionate about.

Through the programme, I have learnt how to encourage myself no matter the difficulties that may arise. I have learnt resilience and determination, and these have shaped my mindset and made me a more purposeful person.