Springboard Road Show Foundation

Dorcas Awudi

Intervention: CoRe

Displaced, but bouncing back. 

Dorcas lost her livelihood at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as life became unbearable for her. She received new knowledge from CoRe that has equipped her to be strong and work towards bouncing back.

I am Dorcas Awudi and I live at Dome in Accra. I was part of the Educational Administrators group of the CoRe Programme, which I joined after a friend introduced it to me. I am a teacher by profession with a basic school in Kasoa in the Central region of Ghana. I also double up as a volunteer care giver with Compassion International. Everything seemed to be going fine for me until the ravaging effects of the pandemic struck and affected my jobs. Subsequently, life became very tough for me, especially in my finances.

Getting unto the CoRe programme set me on a path of bouncing back and enjoying my life once again. In our weekly sessions, I learnt about time management, interviewing skills and school management. One big lesson for me was about the need for individuals, businesses, and corporations to expand their scope of operations through digitization in whatever services they offered. As a result, I have taken my computer studies seriously and am now acquiring some basic Microsoft software skills. The CoRe program has really helped me.

Thank you.