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Dennis Ato Plange

Intervention: CoRe

Leadership Skills Refined. 

Dennis had a fine opportunity of being a group lead in one of the mentoring groups. This has helped in reshaping his leadership potential. He believes lessons from the programme will serve him well in his present and future aspirations.

My name is Dennis Plange, a member of the doctor’s mentoring group of the CoRe Programme. I am 18 years old, and I completed Senior High School this year. The programme has been a major exposure to me and has expanded my horizon.

I had the opportunity to be a group lead of the doctoring mentorship group, and this has further sharpened my leadership skills. I now have a greater sense of awareness especially about Time Management, Communication and Interpersonal skills which came about through interaction with group members. I am thankful to Ps. Eric Otchere for giving me this opportunity.

The mentorship programme has built in me certain qualities that will help me in my education and future career. I have been inspired to dream big.

My Pre-university Orientation Has Started in earnest with CoRe Mentoring.

Dennis Plange makes the assertion that his encounter with the CoRe Mentoring programme has served to orient him towards his plans of entering the university to pursue medicine. The opportunity given him by Mr. Otchere to lead one of the groups further deepened his communication and leadership skills.

My name is Dennis Plange. I live at Dome a suburb of Accra. I recently completed high school education and now aspiring to enter the university. I got to know about the CoRe programme through a link I came across on social media and joined the Doctoring mentorship group.

I was given the opportunity to lead a group, and this helped me to become a more organized person and sharpened my leadership skills.

Overall, the programme served as my orientation for the university which I’m yet to gain admission to read medicine. Personally, I have learned to be more open-minded, and more practical in managing my time. This programme has taught me to plan thoroughly and has equipped me with values which help me interact better with others.

I intend to use these values in making my life simpler and less complicated. Having learnt to be open minded makes me take criticism better and learn from my mistakes. My interpersonal skills have really improved, and I am grateful to have had this lifetime opportunity from the CoRe Programme.