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Charlotte Amoah Saben

Intervention: CoRe

It’s been a rare opportunity. 

Charlotte had the rare opportunity of moderating e-counselling sessions of the CoRe Programme. It was a really enriching experience for which she remains grateful, coupled with the new knowledge she acquired. Let’s hear her story.

My name is Charlotte Amoah Saben. Joining the CoRe programme has been of immense benefit and exposure to me, particularly the virtual, focused group discussions. I had the opportunity to moderate some of the sessions and I must admit that I enjoyed the experience as I was equipped with the requisite technological tools to aid my work.

The medium for the e-Counselling was good because participants were on the various social media platforms which were deployed for this purpose, thus making participation easier. I must also say that the program audios were crucial for my career. I gleaned a lot from them.

I learnt how to manage my time better and how to schedule and plan my days to maximize my participation in the programme. Apart from that, my own emotional struggles were dealt with, and I have become more patient with my clients.

I have learnt to be resilient and calm and persist in the pursuit of my goals in life.