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Caroline Kyeremanteng

Intervention: CoRe

I have broadened my knowledge with CoRe. 

Caroline struggled to adapt to life as a virtual student at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. CoRe exposed her to the online learning platform and the insurance industry.

I am Caroline Kyeremanteng. I am a student resident at Teshie. COVID-19 affected me indirectly through our educational system. Physical lecturing came to a halt which led to the emergence of online studies. I experienced a lot of challenges with this style of education, because of which I struggled at the initial stages.

CoRe brought me a new learning experience. I specifically learnt about making claims in insurance, which has helped me broaden my knowledge about the right guidelines by which claims are made in the event of a disruption in life. With the knowledge I have acquired, I intend to take out an insurance policy and educate others on what I have learnt.