Springboard Road Show Foundation

Bright Fiafenyo

Intervention: CoRe

A little seed from CoRe has changed my life. 

Bright is putting his communication acumen into fruitful use after being inspired by the CoRe Programme. He has now started his own agribusiness venture.

If there is one talent, I know I have naturally, it is the ability to communicate. I have always believed that I speak well; but all through my life, I have never considered how that could be an advantage to me in my professional life.

The first two e-learning sessions on ‘Identifying your talent’ and ‘Doing business with your talent’ by Rev. Albert Ocran really changed my worldview. The facilitator inspired me to find my talent and use my unique abilities to solve problems and get paid for it.

I immediately decided to use my communication skills to market products to others. Things took off relatively smoothly. I have since opened my own shop and commenced the sale and marketing of agrochemicals to farmers. This is how a little seed can change a person’s life completely.

It is my ardent desire, however, that the CoRe programme would not be abandoned. I believe this programme must continue to inspire us the more towards becoming achievers.