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Ben A. Mikado

Intervention: CoRe

I was both a counsellor and beneficiary. 

Ben has gained valuable experience in E-counselling, and he believes it will serve him well in the future as a young counselling psychologist. He shares his story.

My name is Ben A. Mikado, a counsellor. The CoRe e-Counselling programme has been very impactful for me. I was not just a counsellor but also a beneficiary. As a young counselling psychologist, it gave me the opportunity to learn from very experienced psychologists from various branches in the field.

This was due to the constant debriefing sessions and several webinars prior to the programme take-off to equip us with the best practices regarding e-counselling. I really learnt a lot. Now, I have gathered a lot of experience regarding e-counselling, which has become a necessary part of counselling in the world today.

The information contained in the videos and audios meant for beneficiaries proved useful as I also gleaned lessons from them. I also had the opportunity to do a lot of reading and research on the topics before my sessions and it served me well. Through the programme, I had the opportunity to interact with youth from various backgrounds in our dear nation.

God bless the organizers of the programme (SRSF) and the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA) for accepting the challenge and providing the necessary resources for a successful programme.

I saw during some of the translations of the e-learning audios and video into the various local languages. What I noticed, especially with the local language, is that recordings related to mental health issues were translated by persons who were not practitioners, and it was a bit challenging for them.

I suggestion that in future, psychologists who are equally versed in the local language can be consulted to assist in the translation, especially, the local psychological terms and words before recording.