Springboard Road Show Foundation

Beatrice Asampong

Intervention: CoRe

This has been a re-learning experience. 

Beatrice is a teacher whose school was closed during the pandemic. Through CoRe she found a place to re-learn and improve in various aspects of her life. She also learnt how to nurture the important relationships in her life.

My name is Beatrice Asampong. I was teaching in a Senior High School for my National Service in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. At the peak of the pandemic, my school had to shut down. I had specifically opted to do my National Service in a senior high school because I wanted to re-learn a lot of things. The closure meant that I could not achieve that aim. I felt my dream was shattered.

Through the CoRe Programme, I gained the zeal to start researching about things I did not have the slightest knowledge about. I gained fresh exposure and expanded my horizons. It was worth participating in both the accounting and auditing sessions. My mentors, Mr. Kyei Boateng and Madam Theodora Senya were gems!

Specifically, I learnt a lot about networking. Connecting with people had always been easy for me; however, I often struggled to keep a relationship for a long time. This was nullified through CoRe as I learnt various strategies to nurture valuable relations.

I am looking forward to applying whatever I have learnt in this programme and transfer this knowledge to people around me who might need the information I have gathered through this programme.

Thank you, CoRe, for making me a better version of myself.